Teach the GroovaRoo™ Way

50-hour Teacher Training Course for Prenatal/Babywearing Dance

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Week 1 - Cultivating Connection from Conception - Our Philosophy
  1. Getting Started (Teachable, Facebook Group, Required Materials, FAQ)
  2. The GroovaRoo™ Story: Bonding with our baby from the start
  3. Bonding through Movement for baby’s first 1000 days
  4. The Importance of the Heart in Secure Family Bonding
  5. Why Dads Matter for Secure Bonding & Attachment
  6. The GroovaRoo™ “Connect Four” Teaching Methodology
  7. Learn/Film the GroovaRoo™ Warmup and Cooldown Dances
Week 2 - Prenatal Considerations for Mother and Baby
  1. Physical Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy
  2. Contraindications of Exercise during Pregnancy
  3. Female Anatomy Essentials
  4. Mother & Baby Physiology through the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimesters
  5. Emotional Considerations during Pregnancy
  6. Learn/Film GroovaRoo™ Dances 1 & 2
Week 3 - Postnatal Considerations for Mother and Baby
  1. Physical Benefits of Exercise after Pregnancy
  2. Contraindications of Exercise after Pregnancy
  3. Physical Considerations after Birth
  4. Emotional Considerations after Birth
  5. Learn/Film GroovaRoo™ Dances 3 & 4
Week 4 - Babywearing Movement Education
  1. Why wear your baby? Why dance with your baby?
  2. Brief cross-cultural history of babywearing
  3. Benefits of Babywearing Movement for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers
  4. Babywearing Protocols for Three Types of Carriers (LIVE assessment)
  5. Modifications for Babywearing Movement (Tandem, Back Carrying, Pregnant)
  6. Practice all GroovaRoo™ Dances with Carriers and Demo Doll (No film)
Week 5 - Move the GroovaRoo™ Way
  1. The 3 Essential S’s of GroovaRoo™ Dance: Cultivate Safe, Sacred & Soulful
  2. Babywearing Movement Safety - The 5 Key Checkpoints before Dancing
  3. Why we face babies in (Heart-to-Heart) & support baby with both hands
  4. Practice all GroovaRoo™ Dances with Callouts (LIVE assessment)
Week 6 - Teach the GroovaRoo™ Way
  1. The GroovaRoo™ Class Format Template
  2. Pre-Class Considerations
  3. Opening the Circle - Warmup with “Connect Four”
  4. Teaching the GroovaRoo™ Dances with “Connect Four”
  5. Closing the Circle - Cooldown with “Connect Four”
  6. Post-Class Considerations
  7. Adapting the Class Format: Prenatal, Babywearing, Mixed, Multiples
  8. Film yourself doing Mock Class #1 (Written evaluation)
Week 7 - Final Preparations...You’re almost done!
  1. Final Requirements: Getting Dance Insurance/First Aid/Child CPR
  2. First Things First: Know your WHY! What is your core motivation/purpose?
  3. Getting Setup Online: Facebook, Instagram, Website
  4. Determining the Right Space/Price for your classes
  5. Access to our International GroovaRoo Teacher’s Forum
  6. Navigating the Teacher’s Resource Center (Instructionals, Marketing Materials)
  7. Supplementary Opt-In Resources for Teachers (Webinars, Boost Your Business)
  8. Film yourself doing Mock Class #2 (Written evaluation)
Week 8: Schedule Call with Amber & Meeshi

Once BOTH of your Mock Classes are reviewed, you will have one final one-on-one Zoom call with Amber & Meeshi to discuss how you’ll offer GroovaRoo™ in your community. Once the call is completed, you will be a Certified GroovaRoo™ Teacher for Prenatal & Babywearing Dance Classes. Welcome to our growing, international GroovaRoo™ crew!

Your Instructor

GroovaRoo Dance
GroovaRoo Dance

From Amber and Meeshi: When we planned on having our first baby, we wanted to see how we could combine our two life's passions - Amber: supporting new parents as a birth worker and Meeshi: creating community through dance as a dance instructor - while still being able to work-from/stay-at home to be present for our baby’s first few years of life. Not long after we had conceived our son, Aemon Koa, the idea for GroovaRoo Dance was born. When we started in September 2015, we had no idea how far reaching the global interest for our babywearing dance classes would be, and after only 6 months, our babywearing dance videos went viral on Facebook with well over 100,000,000 total views.

Because of this, we held our first international teacher training program in August 2016. As of now, we have over certified GroovaRoo Dance teachers in 15 U.S. States and 15 countries around the world. In Summer 2018, we completely revamped our new Teacher Training Program to include training for prenatal & babywearing dance classes, because we have personally experienced and now truly believe in the importance of creating secure family bonding activities for parents, caregivers and babies from conception to the first two years of life.

To reach Amber and Meeshi, please contact them at http://groovaroo.com or [email protected].

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